Standard and custom tools for
vertical and horizontal direction (HDD) drilling

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Company "Technical Resources Industrial Solution" (OOO "TRIS")
Standard and custom tools for vertical and horizontal direction (HDD) drilling




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Casing pipes and related drill tools and mountings are used for auger piles in loose, water-saturated, unstable and other complex soils.

Casing pipes are high-precision drill pipes. Due to a leak-tight connection casing pipes can be used in heavily watered soils. The smallest faults in design or manufacturing technology can cause disastrous effects (casing string drop, tool jamming or drilling failure, etc.).

Primary faults in the casing pipe manufacture:

  • inaccurate flange bore that causes pipe noninterchangeability (some pipes just don’t line up)
  • pipe ovality occurring during expanding and after incorrect pipe assembling and welding – it causes tool passing failure or quick inner wall abrasion wear and pipe failure.
  • cheap steel use (scrap or poor quality steel) – it causes metal breaking, instantaneous mounting support wear and flange end unriveting.

Our company has specialized in the manufacture of casing pipes and other drill tools used for auger piles for many years. During manufacturing, we pay special attention to quality and carefully follow the manufacturing technology thus making drilling tools at the quality level of leading global manufacturers.  

Outstanding features of the TRIS company products:

  • High-quality wear-resistant steel is used in the flange joints of our casing pipes. It allows increasing pipe durability and reducing purchase costs of new drilling tools.
  • Flanges are mechanically processed with high accuracy. It allows for full interchangeability and easy pipe assembly/disassembly on a drill site. Thus using TRIS pipes allows for precise calculation of operation time spent on casing string assembly/disassembly and productivity increase by eliminating down times (due to maintenance, adjustment, etc.).
  • High-quality consumables are used (plugs, threaded and conical bushings) designed for long-term dynamic loads. It allows for unrestricted pipe operation in relation to “plug-bushing coupling/uncoupling” cycles and taking up any loads during drilling.
  • Precise assembly, lining up and welding performed without any thermal dressing and adjustment. Precise geometry allows for balanced running and thus drilling machine motor protection from vibration failure.
  • European ESAB welding materials are used as welding wire mechanical properties exceed those of welded steel. It allows for the best welding joint possible and construction safety factor required.
  • Knife sections are made of high-strength thick steel plates with advanced welded and removable cutting tools. It allows for secure casing string spudding in. Advanced high-performance cutting tools preserve the cutting unit intact.

Our company also specializes in the manufacturing of drill pipes with reduced diameter and pipe walls and flanges redesigned. Please, send your questions to our e-mail. Maximum reply awaiting period is 1 day.