Standard and custom tools for
vertical and horizontal direction (HDD) drilling

Technical Resources
of Industrial Solution

109202 Moscow
Frezer shosse, 15G, str.5

Company "Technical Resources Industrial Solution" (OOO "TRIS")
Standard and custom tools for vertical and horizontal direction (HDD) drilling


 The TRIS company is the largest manufacturer on the market of drilling tools for the BAUER-class drilling rigs and their analogs in Russia and the CIS. We have attained the top positions due to the ability to think outside the box when resolving complex technical and engineering tasks.

  In order to resolve unorthodox tasks as well as to develop and optimize the production process, our company employs the following scientific advisors:

1)    Scientific advisor in materials science, material processing technologies, and related fields.


 Viktor Alekseevich Pushkov, Doctor of Technical Science, professor, expert in strength of structural materials.

 Laureate of the 2014 Bochvar prize, named after A. A. Bochvar, academician and metal physicist (click here to read more), awarded by the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) for exceptional works in metallurgy, general materials science and radiation materials science for non-ferrous metals, radioactive materials, and steels (Decree of the Presidium of the RAS No. 145 dated November 18, 2014). 
Quote by V. A. Pushkov: "Systemic analysis of use of materials is a guarantee of reliability and increase in said reliability of produced drilling tools and equipment".

2)    Scientific advisor in strength calculations for metal structures, lifting (handling) and process equipment as well as in other fields.


Igor Yuryevich Larkin, Candidate of Technical Science. 
 Quote by I. Yu. Larkin: 

"Precise calculations allow manufacturing various products with the required parameters aimed at resolving specific drilling-related tasks".