Standard and custom tools for
vertical and horizontal direction (HDD) drilling

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Company "Technical Resources Industrial Solution" (OOO "TRIS")
Standard and custom tools for vertical and horizontal direction (HDD) drilling


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  Core barrels with enhanced cutting elements for rocky materials are universal models of drilling tools for any geologic and climatic drilling conditions.Core barrels are used under severe rock drilling conditions and are critical in case of complicated situations at urban sites (passing difficult areas during the organization of secant piles, construction waste in well, etc.).

  Such flexibility imposes a set of requirements this tool should comply with, as follows: efficiency, reliability and durability.The availability of the set of these features begets firm demand for TRIS core drills. Therefore each order receive by us includes core drill with different cutting elements (teeth, rolling cutters, etc.). Core drill is critical for the solution of difficult situations occurring during drilling.

Specific characteristics of TRIS core barrels:

  • The use of enhanced cutting elements with high-quality hard alloy for rocky materials provides slow and projected wear even during the use for high-strength rocky ground, allows you to calculate expenses properly and profit.
  • Possibility of quick replacement of cutting element on operating tool mounted directly on drilling unit allows increasing operating speed significantly. It is no more necessary to keep spare tools available since time is required only for the replacement of worn elements.
  • The use of thickness-enhanced ring made of steel resistant to shocking-abrasive wear for cutting element holder installation allows operating tools under maximum loads and being sure in exact geometry preservation even while working with high-strength rocky material.
  • Cyclic part of the core is made of highly-precise rolled workpiece. It provides tool rotating accuracy in the well and even protection wear of the whole tool.
  • Tool protection with wear indication. Operating part of the tool and tool itself are protected with special hard-alloy plates. Wear indication allows replacing worn element at time and avoiding wear of carrying body of the tool. This significantly increases tool life time.
  • Highly-precise kelly-box (connector) for kelly bar allows operating tool on installations with any torque moment. High precision of connector installation allows avoiding vibrations on rotary head and increasing its life time.
  • High geometric precision of tool and absence of extending parts with compact lay-out of cutting elements allows avoiding almost entirely the possibility of tool jam during operation and significantly increasing the efficiency of its destructive effect.

  Our company offers the whole product line of both standardized and special core barrels fitted with different cutting elements such as: replaceable teeth, welded cutters, rolling cutters.

  Call us or send your requests via email. Our technical advisors will respond you as soon as possible and provide complete technical information.

  TRIS drilling tool is a solution for difficult situations. You can have a look at informative photos and videos related to core drills with round rocky cutters.


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