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Standard and custom tools for
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Standard and custom tools for vertical and horizontal direction (HDD) drilling




 Auger Displacement Piling drilling tools fdp bauer 

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  Bore piling installation technology using special compression tool – “displacement drilling tool”, in the international classification referred to as “FDP technology”.

  Popularity of this drilling technology is growing all over the world. Let’s see, why this is so. In case of large amounts of drilling operation in stable and soft soils the classical drilling technologies with a casing pipe become too costly and time consuming and cannot be used due to economic considerations. When drilling numerous piles the problem of removal of large amounts of extracted from the well soil becomes very acute. Also, for the concrete use reduction it is important for the bearing capacity of pile to be accepted not only by the pile itself, but also by the compressed soil around it. This allows for significant economy of concrete while maintaining the same bearing capacity of a pile.

  FDP technology was developed to resolve these problems, allowing to drill using a displacement drilling tool and extension drill rods with minimum soil extraction and maximum compression of soil in contact with the pile body.

  Our company has huge experience in manufacture of reinforced displacement tools in various modifications to achieve any drilling objectives.

Videoreview of thedisplacement drilling tool

Distinctive technical features of SAA displacement drilling tool from TRIS:

  • We use only whole-rolled tapered elements with minimum number of welded joints. Optimal selection of the attack angle of the tapered part ensures efficient spudding-in (tool penetration in the well) and compression of soil by the displacement tool.
  • The displacement drilling tool can be manufactured of several parts for fast replacement or maintenance of a work out element.
  • Only full reverse spirals are used in the rear part. The optimal spiral pitch simplifies extraction of the displacement tool from the well and allows for efficient compression of soil.
  • Hexagonal (or other type) joining element is manufactured of high-quality alloy steel with subsequent heat treatment. It permits using the displacement drill tool with any drilling rigs with torque up to 48 kNm
  • The tool in standard version is equipped with powerful protection from impact and abrasive wear. This significantly extends the tool service life.



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Distinctive operating characteristics of SAA displacement tools:

  • This tool allows for economic installation of bore pilling in soft soils, such as sand, clay, etc.
  • Due to a special construction of the back spirals the displacement tool drills practically without extraction of drilled soil and vibration during work, so this type of drilling is safe for the environment.
  • The compression properties of the displacement tool body lead to a significant increase in the bearing capacity of piles.
  • The displacement tool can be widely used in city development conditions near any buildings, since drilling does not produce any vibration.

fdp dds lost bit displasment drilling tools

fdp dds lost bit displasment drilling tools

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  Our company is the only company in the world with extensive experience of successful use of displacement drill tools in any geological and climatic conditions due to wide range of geographic conditions in our country. Regardless of your location and drilling conditions, use of TRIP displacement drill tools guarantees you drilling operations with high quality and maximum speed of drilling.

  As an example of the high quality of work of our company you can check out the video presentation of our products.


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