Standard and custom tools for
vertical and horizontal direction (HDD) drilling

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Company "Technical Resources Industrial Solution" (OOO "TRIS")
Standard and custom tools for vertical and horizontal direction (HDD) drilling


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  TRIS auger flights are many times successfully tested drilling tools. The tool is multi-purpose due to simple structure and innovative technical solutions; it can be used at any drilling sites under any geologic and climatic drilling conditions. TRIS Company has been manufacturing different models of auger flights for many years.

Specific characteristics TRIS auger flights:

  • Cutting plates (blades) with rocky-adapted teeth are made of high-strength steel and equipped with enhanced rocky cutters. This allows carrying out efficient drilling with minimum wear and significantly increasing life time of the tool.
  • Enhanced rocky cutters with high-quality hard-alloy insertion provide slow and projected wear which allows you to calculate expenses properly and profit.
  • Calibrating ribs with enhanced holders and round teeth. These ribs serve as support for blades and preliminarily undercut ground. They allow strengthening of tool for work with torque moment up to 48 kNm and significantly increasing collaring efficiency speeding up work.
  • Enhanced leading spirals allow increasing structure rigidity and avoiding possible deformations working with coarse fraction of rocky or other ground. Accurate geometry provides continuous feed of drilled ground upwards increasing efficiency and speeding up auger operation.
  • Highly precise shipping spirals. Prompt and seamless filling of inter-spiral areas is provided due to highly precise geometry and installation. This allows using auger capability absolutely efficiently and significantly speeding up operation.
  • Center line is thick-walled tubes made of high-quality alloy steel. Such configuration provides necessary rigidity of the structure and allows reliable transferring of turning moment. Therefore the reliability of the structure and drilling tool life time increases.
  • Special tool protection with wear indication. Operating part of the tool and tool itself are protected with special hard-alloy plates. Wear indication allows replacing worn element at time and avoiding wear of carrying body of the tool. This significantly increases tool life time.
  • Highly precise solid-cast kelly-box (connector) for 200mmх200mm square allows operating the tools on installations with torque moment up to 480 kNm. High precision of connector installation allows avoiding pulsation and vibration during rotation and prevent installation swivel head, kelly bar and tools equipment from vibration damage.

  These models of augers as well as most of our tools became commonly used for drilling at the largest construction sites in Russia and CIS and on rock foundations on Olympic objects in Sochi.

  TRIS product line includes CFA augers with concrete feed and other different auger tools of large diameter.

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