Standard and custom tools for
vertical and horizontal direction (HDD) drilling

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Standard and custom tools for vertical and horizontal direction (HDD) drilling



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  TRIS drilling buckets are universal models of drilling tools for any geologic and climatic drilling conditions.

  Drilling buckets are used for the exploitation of solid water-bearing grounds and excavation of pre-exploited (with auger or core drill) rocky water-bearing sub-soil.

  High reliability and durability of TRIS drilling buckets has been proved by their long-term operation for the construction of piled foundations on high-strength rocky ground of Olympic objects in Sochi (2009-2012). TRIS drilling buckets was successfully operated at high-strength rocky sites in mountains and clay soils on plains.


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Specific characteristics of TRIS drilling buckets:

  • High-strength steel plates are used for the manufacturing of tilting and loose bottom of drilling bucket. Wear caused by friction of loose bottom towards tilting one is decreasing. This causes significant increase of tool life time and the durability of structure increases significantly.
  • Provision of highly precise bottom adjoining at the close of drilling bucket and minimum (controlled) gap between tilting and loose bottoms allows achieving almost absolute tightness during the extraction of water-bearing ground and significantly increasing the speed of drilling.
  • Special high-strength steel is used for the manufacturing of cutting plates (blades) with round teeth. This steel allows efficiently preventing shocking-abrasive wear even in case of partial absence of teeth. This causes significant increase of tool life time.
  • Use of enhanced blades with hard-alloy insertions provides slow and always controlled wear, allows calculating projected teeth consumption and profiting.
  • Highly precise cylindrical drilling bucket tank. The tank is made of special thickness-enhanced steel, provides safe storing of water-bearing ground during extraction and prompt dumping at drilling bucker unloading. Work efficiency increases significantly, particularly on water-bearing grounds.
  • Reliable semi-automatic drilling bucket closure/opening mechanism allows unloading drilling bucket quickly via handling with actuating element of the machine. There is the ability to quickly unload bottom in manual mode (by operator’s assistant) if necessary. Mechanism’s life time is longer than the one of the tool; this allows increasing significantly non-stop operation of drilling tool.
  • Special tool protection with wear indication. Operating part of the tool and tool itself are protected with special hard-alloy plates. Wear indication allows replacing worn element at time and avoiding wear of carrying body of the tool. This significantly increases tool life time.
  • Highly-precise kelly-box (connector) for kelly bar. High quality of casting allows the operation of tool with any torque moment. High installation precision allows avoiding excessive pulsation and vibration of the tool and kelly bar. This significantly increases the life time of drilling unit spindle and other elements.

drilling bucket at work bauer rock liebherr

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  Clear conformance with above-mentioned characteristics and detection of any problems at the stage of tool assembly allow us to produce some of the most high-quality tools in the world. TRIS products stand at the same level with the leading international manufacturers and outperform them for many parameters.

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