Standard and custom tools for
vertical and horizontal direction (HDD) drilling

Technical Resources
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Company "Technical Resources Industrial Solution" (OOO "TRIS")
Standard and custom tools for vertical and horizontal direction (HDD) drilling



1) Question: Drilling equipment from Russia?!

Answer: Russia is one of the most powerful countries in the world with huge technical resources in the industry, construction, space exploration and many other industries.
In addition, our country is a world leader in the metallurgy and manufacturing of metal structures for industrial and civil use.
Due to this, our company has direct access to the high-quality steel and up-to-date technologies of its processing, thus, making our products one of the best deals in the global market of the drilling equipment

2) Question: How can I get my order in case of the self-delivery (EXW Incoterms 2010)?

Answer: The products can be obtained on any weekday, after getting the written notice on the readiness. The time of the products' issuance on any working day is from 11 to 17 (Moscow time). Top loading.
If the given time or method of the products' loading do not satisfy You, please inform us in advance.

3) Question: Drilling equipment from Russia!? I cannot believe! I want to come and see personally. Is this possible? When and where I may come?

Answer: Come, we are always glad to see you! Please notify us on the visit min. for 2 days before the arrival.
If necessary, we may arrange a free shuttle service airport/hotel/plant/airport. We may arrange the hotel booking. We may advise on obtaining the Russian visa and help with its documentation.
The headquarters is located in Moscow; production facility is in the Moscow Region - the city of Ramenskoye (30 minutes by a comfortable high-speed train). The driving directions will be sent additionally.

4) Question: Why did your drilling equipment shown in video and photo materials, in most cases, has no paint (paint coating)?

Answer: The shooting of the drilling equipment by our company without painting allows us showing in detail the high level of our production. According to the experience of our customers, there are cases when the errors in the design, inadequate penetration of the weld joints, etc. are hidden under a very beautiful painting.
Therefore, we try to show our products without painting for our experienced customers from all over the world could assess the quality of the machine processing, welding and general construction of the equipment by the submitted materials as closely as possible.

5) Question: You are holding yourself out as the manufacturers of the drilling equipment of the highest quality complying with the international quality standards, and what is your difference from the major world manufacturers (brands)?


  • Reinforced and adapted constructions of the drilling equipment for using in severe geological and climatic conditions of Russia. High durability and serviceability of the equipment allow working without interruptions and reducing the downtime of the drilling equipment to a minimum.
  • Highly-professional staff involved in all stages of production. All areas of operation of our company involv the highly-experienced professionals. Most of specialists have the experience of multiple industrial internship at one of the leading manufacturing companies in Germany (BAUER). A great number of the employees of TRIS were among the first mastering the repair and manufacture of the drilling equipment for the drilling rigs of the foreign production in Russia and CIS.
  • The best  correlation of price/quality in the market and flexible pricing policy. We will not dissemble and say that the cost of our products is much lower than that one of the foreign counterparts - it is not true. But the quality and durability of our products, which eventually gets our customer, makes our offer very attractive in comparison to the foreign and native counterparts.
  • Minimal terms of production and delivery. The production of the drilling equipment in Russia significantly reduces the waiting time for the drilling equipment.  


6) Question: What delivery methods of the drilling equipment do you have? If I need the equipment quickly can we accelerate the delivery?

Answer: The major bulk of the international orders we transfer by road, rail or sea, via the large companies such as DHL and other international transport organizations.
Due to the fact that Russia has a vast territory, in our country we commonly practice the delivery of the drilling equipment by air (planes and helicopters)
TRIS has the possibility of the air delivery of the drilling equipment up to 4m in diameter to any destination point in the world. The Russian airline companies, unlike their foreign counterparts, are flying in almost all remote corners of the world (including Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Gulf states).

7) Question: Payment for the products, conditions, requirements, territorial and financial restrictions of the operation of TRIS?

Answer: We are working with all international organizations and individuals. The payment methods involve all, including the agreed ones. There are no restrictions on the admission and form of the funds.


8) Question: Photos and pictures of drilling tools posted on your website are also present on websites of other manufacturers of drilling tools. This fact casts doubt on the reality of your activities.

Answer: This situation is not unusual for our company. TRIS is a leading manufacturer of drilling tools, we supply our products to countries around the world, and our tools are renowned for their reliability. This is why unscrupulous companies (both Russian and foreign ones) often use pictures of TRIS products in their selfish interests. We view this situation as a sign of appreciation of our work and confirmation of high quality of our products.

As an example, we can provide screenshots from the website of GLOBAL INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING ( – a Saudi Arabia-based company specializing in sales of drilling tools, which uses our pictures without our consent (the information is valid as of September 2015).

Screenshot of the website using our photo production company TRIS

plagiarism, copy, fake, bad analogue of the company's products TRIS

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