Standard and custom tools for
vertical and horizontal direction (HDD) drilling

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Company "Technical Resources Industrial Solution" (OOO "TRIS")
Standard and custom tools for vertical and horizontal direction (HDD) drilling


Reverse Circulation Drill Tools


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  Construction companies have to cope with hard rocky grounds due to broad geography of drilling works in Russia. Therefore TRIS Company had to master and develop rolling cutter drilling tools for horizontal and vertical drilling.

  Currently TRIS is the only company in Russia which has the ability to manufacture high-quality rolling cutter drilling tools of large diameter for operation under any climatic and geologic drilling conditions.


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  Specific characteristics TRIS rolling cutter drilling tools:

  • The use of modern highly efficient rolling cutters allows achieving highest tunneling characteristics working under the most severe geologic conditions.
  • The use of rolling cutter holders of different constructions for each Customer’s object allows operating rolling cutter equipment under maximum loads and decreasing of rolling cutter loss during operation.
  • Large tool weight and the use of high-strength thick plates for rolling cutter drills allows tool to heavy up drilling string and maintain its geometrics under and end pressure.
  • The availability of special hard-alloy wear protection and designed gap between tool matrix and borehole wall allows concentrating wear on particular spots protected with replaceable hard-alloy protection with wear indication and significantly decreasing the risk of tool breakdown because of abrasive wear.
  • Highly-precise connections with drilling string (thread) or kelly bar made of special high-strength steel with guaranteed mechanical characteristics provide reliable connection. Pulsation is absent due to accurate installation. This provides reliable operation on maximum speed without the risk of vibration damage of swivel head or other elements of drilling unit.

  Several technological measures were taken, production plan was changed, quality standards for drilling tool units and components assembling were significantly raised in order to start manufacturing of rolling cutter tools. Together these measures allowed us to produce rolling cutter drilling tools which stand at the same level with the leading international manufacturers and significantly outperform them for many parameters

  TRIS Company can produce not only standardized drilling tools but also tools customized according to the individual Customer requirements.

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